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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Twin attacks on Ahmadiyya Muslim mosques leaves 95 martyred

Hundereds were seriously injured and wounded when terrorists entered two mosques in Lahore filled with people savagely killed scores of people and using AK-47 rifles and hand-grenades.  Three of suicide bombers blew themselves in Garhi Shahu mosque the main center for Lahore chapter of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.  The massacare by these terrorists lated for more than two and half hours while authorities including police were late in response. 

It is to be noted here that Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is being severely persecuted since 1974 when their basic rights were taken from them on the pretext of being non-Muslims.  According to Pakistan's constitution Ahmadis can be killed without any cause and protection is provided to terrorists who kill Ahmadis or any non-Muslim for that matter using Article 195A, B and C of Pakistani Constitution. 

The latest attacks on Ahmadiyya Community shows that governments in Pakistan are not serious in tackling terrorism issue that has taken the whole world in its grip.  Such laws and interpretations are the root cause for exporting terrorism in countries like US, UK, France and Spain.

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